Monday, February 2, 2009

My First Monotypes!

Currently, I am taking an asynchronous online class called Collaborative Printmaking: A Press-Free Approach.

Basically, we'll be making prints, sending them to each other, and then doing things to the ones we receive from our classmates.

We were supposed to try making monotypes and post'em and describe our process, questions, trials, and tribulations.

Here are mine! (made using double sided matte duralar, watercolours, domestic etch proofing paper, and a drawing underneath).

The first one turned out too light. I figured the paper wasn't wet enough. But when I used more saturated paper the second time, it was TOO wet, so it turned out splotchy. In the third, I used blotted the paper and rubbed with my baren harder and longer than the first print but not as long or hard as the second. And I think it turned out pretty well!

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Francesca said...

Wow, my post *didn't* show up at all. I'm just going to post about that :).

No, kidding. Okay, you know already that I like the top one, but I understand for the sake of this exercise the bottom is the correct one.