Sunday, September 14, 2008

And what now?

Now, I think I'm just searching for things I've done in the recent past that might be worth putting on here before I start putting up my newer work.

This is a spot illustration for the Russian novel The Master and Margarita. In it, Satan comes to Earth with a bunch of his goons who disguise themselves (one as a giant cat-man named Behemoth). This is my rendition of Behemoth turning into is true form towards the end of the novel. However, I'll admit it does not accurately depict what happens whatsoever. I think I was too influenced by the animal cruelty videos I had seen -- one in particular of a raccoon being skinned alive...

And this is an illustration I did under the idea of "DO own a Winston," with Winston being one of my own dogs who is a more mild mannered Cavalier King Charles than my other two ("DO NOT own a Charles" not included, even though I love him very much).

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