Monday, September 22, 2008

The Tiger and The Zebra.

Currently working on a spread for a poem written by Kenn Nesbitt called "The Tiger and the Zebra." It's sorta long, so I'm only using the first two stanzas.

Anyway, so far, I just have a couple roughs of what I'm thinking about doing. They still need a lot of work. And I'm thinking about finishing them the way I finished my last piece (mouse and shoe).

Here are my first 'roughs' which were actually only slightly larger thumbnails that I threw some marker on for a test, scanned, blew up, and pieced together just to see if the spread worked.
Then I redrew'em for some legitimate roughs... I plan on a wallpaper pattern in pastel colors behind the zebra, and I'll probably move him to the right to make more room for the text. And I need to work on their phones. PLUS, the room in the tiger's page interferes with where the text will be, so I need to fix that.Your feedback on what could be improved (before the week is out) would be greatly appreciated!


Francesca said...

You're right about the text. I love the images; they've both got character and are funny and entertaining. I think I like the tiger best. I think you might need to do some shifting to get the poems in, though. Maybe put the text on the outside and push the characters in? Like that book you showed in class today.

Katy Farina said...

Hmm... Well, I love the characters for sure. :D I think I agree with you about moving the Zebra over a bit to make room for the text. I love the looks on both their faces, lol.

I think it would be interesting if you somehow made the room the tiger is in *frame* the text. Like, perhaps the 'text box' is actually a faded painting or something?? I'm not entirely sure what you were planning to do, but I think that would be cute. :)

Roxy Polk said...

I like the concept of this a lot, it's a really neat idea! I can't wait to see the revisions and the finished product.
I pretty much agree with Francesca and Katy on the suggestions. I guess I would just say that you have to make sure the text is absolutely readable!